Animated Escapades! My thoughts on Star Trek: The Animated Series.

So, check this out. What if I told you that you could get the full Star Trek experience, in half the time while simultaneously finishing out two more seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, thus giving us 5 years of missions. Deal with it. Obligation fulfilled, that’s how you do it, Roddenberry!

                                                                                          He really did it.

So as far as the animated series goes, I’d say it’s hit or miss. They have the cast of the original doing the voices, and they have alien crewmen that they couldn’t have done in the live action series. The plot is more focused, and it really gives off the Star Trek  vibe, and experience. There are a few lame things about it. I think because it’s short, the plots can feel a little rushed if you’re used to the full hour of trek, and if you’re not down with cheesy animation, you better ask yourself how much you like Star Trek before you watch this.

There are obviously people who debate the canon of this series, because as it has recently been mentioned on this site, “Nerds need a solid canon…”

I’m not one to argue this kinda shit unless I’m drunk with Ben. SO! I’ll just drop this link, and let you decide for yourself, like the responsible individual you are. Alright, we’re done. I’ve done every star trek, except the original, and TNG. The ones everyone knows the most about, so what’s the point in doing that?

… Okay I’m doing that.

Enterprising series (A Star Trek: Enterprise Review)

These are the voyages, of the dumb-dumb RedheadRob. His mission, to watch every Star Trek series, to seek out nerd life, and nerd civilizations, to meekly wander where several others have gone before! (So, spoilers ahead… Yeah.)

               Check out 8 Bit Universe on youtube, btw. They rock!

So I just finished the most recent Star Trek series. Star Trek: Enterprise. Starring my favorite person who controls your actions, while you go unaware you were ever possessed! Scott Bakula!

This show is actually really creepy/fetish-y, if you think about it.

The story of Star Trek early history, before all the JJ Abrams time travel wibble wobble stuff, Enterprise is a really, really, really, REALLY slow starting show. I didn’t connect with many characters, they had fucking Dean Stockwell in that one episode (We get it Rob, you know Quantum Leap existed.) It was kind of a mess in the beginning, but just like growing up gay, it gets better.

I can’t explain what is so bad about the show at first, the theme song doesn’t help, I’d link it here, but then I would have to listen to it for any amount of time, and that is just an unrealistic concept. They change the theme to be more energetic later on, further driving the point home that it gets better as the series goes.

Captain Archer, and his vulcan 2nd officer T’pol (played by Jolene Blalock) head off in the first Starfleet exploration mission. I guess part of my dislike is the weird first storyline, which gives away the ending of the series instantly, and I don’t mean you can connect the clues, they flat out tell you what will happen. It shoots the series right in the foot. They have alternate universe episodes, meeting new species, all the Star Trek stuff, including the occasional piece of technology that shouldn’t exist. (time travel, yay.)

Trip Tucker ( Connor Trinneer.) is pretty much the only other character I want to mention, just because his character develops the most throughout the whole series. The Doctor, Phlox ( John Billingsley.) is also a pretty interesting character, but what can I say? Star trek doctors are always OP when it comes to solving medical problems, so it’s hard for me to enjoy.

The show has classic star trek flaws, if you don’t like how they just pull the solution right outta their asses near the end of each episode, you won’t like this one, and if you’re a trek fan you’ll still probably roll your eyes a couple times. It’s not perfect, but what Trek series is?

Dat last episode? What the fuck were they thinking? “Hey guys? How about for shits and giggles, we give them one last Star Trek: The Next Generation episode? What’s the worst that can happen?” Riker, and Troi talking to each other during the events of TNG episode “The Pegasus,” The cast of the show Enterprise are all just holodeck simulations, everything you’re experiencing in the episode suddenly feels like a history lesson, which sucks all the passion out of the experience, they kill off one of the main cast for no discernible reason, it’s all over the place.

Oh well, those are my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed my 3 part journey through the Trek series I hadn’t watched yet. I guess we’re done for now, until this supposed new series comes out.

Wait!? Do you hear that?! What is th- OH GOD! It- it can’t be! No, no! Stay back! AHHH!

To be continued…

Stah Treg Voyaging: Front 2 Back.

I recently finished Star Trek Voyager, if you’re unfortunate enough to follow me on the twitters you already know this. I figured since I wrote words together into sentences for Deep Space Nine, I may as well give Voyager a similar treatment.

Star Trek: Voyager is pretty cut and dry. Captain Janeway is out on the prowl, and hungry like the Worf to capture the Maquis, a terrorist cell of defectors from the Federation. During a scuffle between the two, Voyager, and a Maquis starship are flung to the opposite side of all existence, about 70 years from home at top speed with no stops. So the two become one, the Maquis rejoin the Federation, and set space sails toward home. All that being said, it’s been forever since this show got off the air, but I still won’t spoil it. Maybe the make it home, maybe they find Eden hidden among the systems of the delta quadrant. Watch it if you want to know.

The show started off wobbly with me, but got better as time went on until the last season, which occasionally feels like the show is limping to the finish line. It was occasionally bogged down with the sometimes charming, sometimes most awful character ever Neelix; Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe. Overall it’s worth the watch. If you’re like me, and avoided watching the two TNG Spin-off series, these are worth going back for.

Sneak preview for the next Trek post? Enterprise sucks so far.


Star Trek: Deep Web Meme.

Star Trek… The final season of Deep Space Nine.

Yup, I’ve finally started watching the spin-off Trek shows, and since I’m so close to finishing Deep Space Nine, I figured I should talk about it a little! It’s… alright. I like the show, but I’m no fool. DS9 is a solid show, but it’s not without flaw.

The story follows Benjamin Sisko (played by Avery Brooks) as he takes command of Deep Space Nine, (formally known as Terok Nor.) and begins the process of accepting the planet Bajor into the Federation after a 50 year occupation by invading Cardassians. Sisko has his work cut out for him however, between getting his life together after the death of his wife, and becoming the emissary to the prophets of Bajor.

The prophets are beings that exist in a wormhole just within Bajoran territory, ’nuff said.

What follows from there, is seven seasons of chaos, interesting characters, and rules of acquisition being thrown at you every couple episodes. Most importantly is that my main man Worf shows up from season 4 onward. I love Worf, ’nuff said.

Deep Space Nine doesn’t always have the best episodes, but it makes up for it with interesting characters. I don’t think the original series, or TNG focused so much on alien cultures, but DS9 is always willing to send you away from the storyline for some cultural enlightenment. Romance also plays more of a role in DS9 than in previous series. The characters on Deep Space Nine show their flaws far more openly than the crew of the Enterprise, and it makes the cast feel more relatable.

Some small things bother me about the show, but not too many. I think my main complaint stems from Dax. Trill symbionts are explained differently on DS9, than they are in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it kinda fucks up the episode of TNG where Dr. Crusher is involved with a Trill romantically.

So let’s keep this short or I’ll never shut up. I was a prude in my youth, and never watched the non-Roddenberry Trek. I was wrong to do that. Deep Space Nine keeps the spirit of Roddenberry’s classic Trek, and brings it into interesting, if different territory. Well worth a watch if you enjoy space shows, and definitely worth it if you like Star Trek.

I’m done writing, now it’s your turn! Let me know what you think!