Quick Thoughts: On Game of Thrones Season 2

Season 2 down, and now I’m starting to genuinely get curious. Curious about why those baby dragons are so ADORABLE!!! Seriously why do I find them so cute? Anyway, welcome to another edition of quick thoughts! Obviously I’m gonna be talking about Game of Thrones Season 2, and as with last season’s post, there will be spoilers, and you probably already saw the show so that shouldn’t matter. Let’s get right to it!

Why isn’t Joffrey dead yet? Continuing to be one hell of an actor because I hate him more, and more every time I see him. I will drink to celebrate the day he is no longer a cast member on the show. He’s like the anti-Glenn, because I’m wishing a guy with a barbed wire bat would bash his brains in!

Brace yourself, Lucille is coming.

I know he dies, but not what season, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for season 3 ending up with that little shit being poisoned to death. The idea of him dying slow enough to realize it fills me with a joy that is only held for fictional villains getting what they deserve, right up there with Professor Umbridge getting beaten to near death by centaurs.

In a less than unexpected twist it seems like everybody is challenging the little prick king’s right to rule, and that plot point has actually made the show more interesting to me. The more people who wanna kill Joffrey, the better. The Stark family being led by Robb (cool name guy) has the most going on, what with the kingslayer, and the giant woman escorting him.

Did someone say giant woman?!

I’m hoping to see much of that fall apart for House Stark in the next season, because who wants to see good people win? I know I sure as shit don’t! Speaking of the Stark family tree, let’s check up with our old pal Jon Snow! He’s… being an idiot still… Shoulda just killed the ginger, I’m sure that will play out to his favor later, but for now it seems like a mistake on his part. Meanwhile everyone’s favorite portly character since Silent Bob (I’m talking about Sam,) has run into a bit of trouble in the final scene of season 2 and finds himself surrounded by extras from The Walking Dead! Damn AMC, first Kirkman leaves you, now the zombies are leaving too? So I’m assuming these folk leading the undead must be the white walkers, I guess I’ll learn more about them in season 3. Moving on!

Khaleesi is in the desert… That’s about all that happened with her. I mean sure she ran into that one desert trader town that’s in every other final fantasy game, but that place is always full of danger and tricky people, so she probably won’t go in the- Okay, she’s going in there. It plays out exactly how you expect. They trick her, try to take the baby dragons, and she kills them to death.  Other than that, I didn’t really care about what else was happening. Arya is on the run, and I hope that gets more interesting in season 3. Tyrion Lannister is no longer an appendage of the king, so who knows where his story is headed. Winterfell went and fell, I’m sure the Stark family will take it back, no big deal. Here’s hoping that Theon Greyjoy gets a nice kick in the twat what he did.

People I’m Okay With

Robb Stark
Arya Stark
Khaleesi and the dragons 3
Tyrion Lannister
Oddly enough. The Kingslayer Jaime Lannister

People I wanna see dead.

Every Lannister that isn’t Tyrion, and Jaime
Sansa Stark
Catelyn Stark
Petyr Baelish.

After that I just don’t give enough of a shit about the rest of the cast to care. Season 2 did a good job of building off the first one, and raising the stakes for most of the people involved. There was a cool green explosion, and some more nudity, but most importantly season 2 ends in a way that leaves you hanging, but doesn’t leave you feeling as though nothing got done all season. I’ll post my thoughts on season 3 once I get through it, but for now this is the parting of the ways.


Movie Review: Death Note (2017)

In 2003 the manga Death Note was released unto the unsuspecting world. A story about a notebook that will kill anyone whose name is written into the pages, a high school student (Light Yagami), and a god of death (Ryuk). The story follows Light as he discovers the power of the notebook, and as that power corrupts him. It was a cultural phenomenon during its time, spawning: films, games, books, and a ton of merchandise for your local Hot Topic. Netflix has recently released a new Death Note film, an americanized retelling of the story, and that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

Let’s get right to it, how does it hold up against the original? Weakly. I enjoyed the film for what it was, but it is not the kinda Death Note I am used to. Let’s go over the pros and cons of the film, and maybe I can make myself clear.

The basic setup: Since this version takes place in the USA, we find ourselves in the setting of Seattle. Light Turner (Nat Wolff) is your run of the mill nerd character in any show, or movie since the Breakfast Club was released. Typically minding his own business until the day the Death Note falls from the sky and lands near him. Shortly after picking it up he is bullied, and forced into detention. This is where Ryuk (Willem Dafoe) comes into the mix. Ryuk goads Light into using the notebook, and that’s how Light starts his killing spree. Light practically can’t wait to tell the girl he has a crush on Mia (Margaret Qualley) about the notebook, and it’s power. Together Light & Mia go on to become the notorious killer of criminals known to the world as Kira. Things seem to be going well until Light’s father, a police officer named James (Shea Whigham) and world renown detective known only as L (Lakeith Stanfield) start to uncover the clues to Kira’s true identity. It becomes a race between Light and L to see who can figure out each other’s true identity first.

The Pros: I like the style of the film. The overall themes of Death Note are not lost in translation, even if it is weakened. The cast did a great job with what they were given, and Willem Dafoe is kick ass as Ryuk. They got Ryuk right in almost every way possible. I also really enjoyed L’s portrayal in this version. There were some great special effects, and the plot is serviceable, you won’t find yourself getting lost while watching this.  If you haven’t seen Death Note in it’s anime, or manga form, this would be a good place to start off, but if you’re a fan of the series already…

The Cons: … This is not for you. This movie misses so many of the key points of Death Note. Light is not threatening, or scary. He’s genuinely a good guy with a murder book. He gets scared, and doesn’t seem to be able to handle the power he’s been given. Light Yagami is one of the smartest people on the planet, Light Turner is practically a whining child in comparison. The thing that made Light in the original Death Note so compelling was that he was a smart, reasonable, and well off person who becomes twisted, and deranged by the power of the Death Note. It was easy to see anyone fill the role of Light, because we all believe ourselves to be good at our core, and the spookiness of the Death Note being able to corrupt someone with such a good life is part of the danger, and fear it brings. Light Turner on the other hand is a kid who has a reason to use the book from act one, scene one. He’s got a rough life, and he’s on bad terms with pretty much everyone who knows him, and everybody else doesn’t seem to know he exists. The main character of the story is flawed, and that puts a damper on the whole film. He’s still clever in his own way, but compared to his japanese counterpart Light Turner is a wet blanket.

The problems continue with Mia. Who basically does all the cool shit in the film. She’s the real brain behind Light’s kira identity. She does the heavy lifting, and she is far more influenced by the power of the Death Note than Light. Mia is basically just using Light the whole film, and it gives off a vibe that the movie is trying to say “Bitches right?” Which is another huge diversion from the original japanese version. Mia is supposed to be the analogue of Misa in the manga/anime. Misa is the totally devoted sidekick/wannabe girlfriend of Light in the manga, while Mia is very obviously using Light in the american version. Maybe they were trying to switch the roles to put a twist on the story, or maybe the writers of the american version were trying to be empowering to women, but the end result made it come across like Light was a fool, and Mia as an opportunist looking to take advantage of the power she could exploit.

The film ends in a way that sets it up for a sequel so maybe some of this will be addressed later on, but Death Note’s Netflix film is forgettable, and average. There are some good things in the movie, but the bad does outweigh the good here. To the people who are die-hard Death Note fans this film would probably be offensive. To the casual viewer it’s meh. So my recommendation is basically this.

Watch it if you are curious, watch it if you haven’t seen anything Death Note before this. If you were a big fan of the original Death Note though, stay away. It’s not the worst american re-telling of a japanese story, but like many before it, it doesn’t compare to what it is emulating.

Share your thoughts with me about the film in the comments, and tell me what you think.


Quick Thoughts: On Game of Thrones Season 1.

I was never really into the Game of Thrones hype, but recently a friend of mine finally convinced me to watch it, and while I wasn’t hooked, I have decided to finish the series. I have a few thoughts I’d like to throw out there about the first season, and there will be spoilers of course, honestly if you are reading this right now, and haven’t seen it… wtf bro? With that let’s get into the first round of quick thoughts.

Why can’t Sean Bean stay alive in something? I mean, c’mon! For fucks sake! He was like, the only person I gave a shit about in the whole show! To be fair as soon as I saw him on screen my first thought was “Ahh, so there will be a main character death early in the show.” For real Sean Bean is a great actor, but his mortality rate in films, and shows is terrible.

Next up is Jon Snow. The on again, off again Stark. I know where the show is going, I’m not blind to the posts about it on facebook, and spoilers, but can I just say Uuugh. For now I don’t like him, and I’m glad he’s stuck on the wall dealing with the real problems to come when winter also inevitably arrives. His wimpy friend Sam kicks ass though. I expect great things from them both in the future.

I feel like a lot of plotlines either won’t get picked back up again, or won’t happen until way later, and everybody is saying Winter is coming far too much, and I see now why it had such meme presence throughout the years. I’m not shocked seeing all these plots happening that it’s taken 7 seasons for people to get the kinda payoff they have been clamoring for since season 1. Oh, and the baby dragons at Aquaman’s death were adorable. I don’t know if there was much worth mentioning from me other than that stuff… So…

Some people I’m generally okay with

Tyrion Lannister
Robb Stark
Arya Stark
Daenerys Targaryen

People I wanna see dead.

Every Lannister that isn’t Tyrion
Sansa Stark
Catelyn Stark

After that I really don’t care what happens to anyone else. There were a lotta tiddys, and some brutal deaths, and that’s probably why so many people like it. All the fucking people, and fucking up people. As someone who is not very into the middle-earth, and Medieval themes normally, I actually kinda dig this. Ordinarily my limits span from Narnia, to Dungeons and dragons, and then nothing… I read The Hobbit once! This sort of thing isn’t in my wheelhouse, so I’m admittedly surprised that I plan on continuing onward with this show past season one. I’ll let ya know my thoughts once I get past season 2, until then, caio!



Beer Review: Sweetwater Brewing “Blue.”


It’s time for another beer review! Out of Atlanta Georgia comes Sweetwater brewing company, and the current apple (or blueberry in this case) of my eye. A pretty deep, but minimalistic titled beer; Blue. Simple name for a surprisingly complex beer. Sweetwater brewing company’s Blue is a blueberry wheat ale that comes across at first as your normal, everyday wheat ale, but finishes with it’s own style.

Commercial Description: A unique light bodied wheat ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberries! The euphoric experience begins with an appealing blueberry aroma – take a good whiff and you’ll know. The taste is extremely subtle and finishes extra clean. This ain’t no fruit beer, but it is our breakfast beer, and so delicious with pancakes!


It’s light bodied, and goes down like a standard wheat ale, but once the aftertaste hits that is where the blueberry hits you, and it hits you square in the jaw! The beer can really trick you, and personally, that is what I’m down with. The aroma is very blueberry, if you’ll forgive my rhyme. Wheat ale beers normally leave me feeling a little dry in the palette, but with Blue I feel impressed, and refreshed. It’s the kinda beer I could easily have more than one of with little deliberation, which works out, because it only comes in at a 4.6% ABV (although I’ve seen online that it clocks in at 4.9% so it might just be the current brew I’m drinking.) It’s certainly a beer that was accurately described by its commercial description, gotta give some extra credit for honesty!


Overall this was a solid beer, and I could see myself buying this one again, granted the price was a bit steep (It was $12 USD for a six-pack where I picked it up.) it’s still a totally worthy addition to anyone’s night. Pick it up if you get the chance, it gets my recommendation for sure.



Game Review: Sonic Mania

Wow it’s been 23 years since Sonic 3 & Knuckles. 23 mixed feelings years for fans of the blue blur, but with the newly released game “Sonic Mania,” there is a reason to celebrate once more. Pulling the retro style into the modern age this new outing for Sonic the Hedgehog pulls from the original 4 games, and adds new twists for the player to discover.

So let’s get right to it, the gameplay. Controls feel pulled right from the classic series, anyone who has played the games of the past will feel right at home, which also means that new players will find it easy to learn. Mania features 3 playable characters. Sonic has the classic jumping, rolling, fast speed action you know him for, but also has a new move at his disposal, the drop dash! While jumping in the air you can press the button again to start spinning, and when he lands it’s an automatic spindash! Of course Sonic’s pal Tails is along for the ride with his traditional flying skills, and Knuckles also returns to glide and climb through the levels with ease.

The remixed music, and levels from the classic series are fantastic renditions of the games of old, and the newer levels are… few in number, and actually the more interesting part of the game. Hopefully this game will merit a sequel so that we can see some more original levels from the developers. Not only are the new levels good, but there are a few new features that add to the gameplay. A new collectable blue ring power-up that allows you more ring retention when hit, and tons of collectable, and bonus features send the replay value skyrocketing in Sonic Mania.

Overall, this is the Sonic game that fans have been waiting for. You don’t need me to say that, the whole internet is chanting the same thing, but now I am among the chorus singing the old school bit chipped SEGA tune from the beginning of many a genesis title. If you are into Sonic games this is a no-brainer, and if you have been disdainful of the newer entries in the series this harkens to the days of yore. Pick it up as a digital download on Switch/PS4/XBOXONE for $19.99 USD.

Unfortunately it’s gonna be later for Steam users (Aug. 29th) Sorry gang.


Beer Review: Emergency Drinking Beer.

Today we’re trying something different! A written review of booze instead of a video with Ben! The beer? Emergency Drinking Beer brewed by Wild Heaven Beer in Avondale Estates, Georgia! Let’s get right to it!

As you can see from first glance the beer is certainly playing up the title, giving off a caution tape vibe. Straight faced humor is always a favorite of mine, but can it back up the humor with a beer worth drinking? The short                                                             answer is… Kinda.

Commercial Description: A one-of-a-kind session beer reminiscent of a crisp pilsner married with a traditional gose. Brightness and complexity come from additions of citrus zest, Portuguese sea salt and lemongrass.

A Pils-style Session Ale at 4% ABV, that definitely has a citrus taste to it. I can’t say for sure I’m tasting lemongrass, but that could be my philistine tastebuds. It’s a light refreshing taste that isn’t unlike a common pilsner beer, but it has its own unique flavor that sets it apart.  Overall if you are a fan of pilsner, or session beers this should be on your list of beers to try. It’s a beer you could drink all day while out fishing, at a barbecue, or tailgate party.

Personal opinion? Not my kinda beer, but it was worth the cost of admission ($10 USD where I picked up a six-pack of this stuff.) As the kinda guy who likes to try new beers I found this one surprisingly refreshing. I expected a rather generic experience considering the labeling, but I was happy to find it had it’s own style beyond your average budweiser.  Do I plan to pick this up again? Not likely. It was a one shot for me. It has a nice light aroma, and the aftertaste leaves you feeling just a little dry, but that is by no means a bad thing. For a beer out of my wheelhouse I still enjoyed it, but not enough to consider it a continual purchase.

If you’re down in Georgia, or happen to run across this in your travels, pick it up and try it for yourself! That’s all for now, but soon enough I’m sure I’ll try another beer, and maybe I’ll review that as well.  Thanks for reading, and as always, have a safe drive home!


Avenging The Szechuan.

So much has happened in the world of nerds recently.

The trailer leak for Infinity War, which I’m sure will vanish right after I post it, so instead I’m just gonna post the poster instead.

I dunno if the comic-series franchise thing is gonna keep going for much longer after the Infinity War films, but the general vibe I get from the internet is that people are starting to get tired of it. I guess we’ll just have to wait for that post credits scene that sets up the next story arc, and see where the fans stand after the dust has settled.

Speaking of the internet, and what it does, or does not like. Rick & Morty season 3 premiers literally tomorrow at 11:30 PM on Adult Swim. If you have somehow missed the trailer for this insanity then you’re in luck right now!

It’s gonna be a season of szechuan sauce memes, and adding the name Rick to things that rhyme with the word pickle (Seriously, go look at the Rick & Morty Subreddit if you don’t believe me.)

He’s prickle Rick!

Moving onward! Sonic Mania comes out in about 2 weeks! The sonic game we’ve been waiting for since Sonic 3/Knuckles is finally upon us thanks to sega, and modder turned actual sonic game maker Christian Whitehead! It looks great, and I’m super excited to give it a go!

Sonic Mania comes out August 15th, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch.

Other than that you’ve got trailers for  Ready Player One, Happy Death Day, and the latest saw film Jigsaw

I almost forgot, there’s a new Child’s Play movie coming out, and I can’t wait to see that shit!

Not only that but we’re getting a new Tales from the Crypt series on TNT soon!

I’d love to tell you even more stuff that’s on the way that I’m excited for, but for now this is where the post must end. Don’t forget to check back later for more!



That Hollow Feeling.

So just because I wanna keep it short and sweet, well not that sweet, perhaps even just a little sour.

I’ve been down in the dumps a little since I moved. (Oh I moved btw, if you didn’t know) Since I’ve been so busy trying to get my life together I haven’t had time to do what I need to here. Now I’m thinking I need to do something on the site to fix that, because I haven’t been keeping a story going, or doing anything site related beyond doodling for the sake of keeping content coming. I’m gonna be doing some more comic based stuff shortly here, and I’ve been thinking about extra stuff to put up on the site, but I can’t imagine what yet.

I just wanted to have a post up so people might understand what’s up with the nonsense going on lately that is totally not the usual format around here for anyone who wasn’t in the know.

Anyway, Ramble over.