Welcome to the lair of the best, of the worst!! You may be asking “What is this ocular affront?”

The short version is: I wanted to get better at drawing, and I always wanted to do comics, so this is me taking the initiative! As it turns out I had to learn how to do a lot of other stuff, but whatever. This is my art project gone horribly wrong! Sometimes it’s one comic, sometimes it’s another, other times it’s filler nonsense!

So to make things simple, here’s an easy way to get just the comics you want.

Lake Town Comics.

I promised some of my best friends I’d draw them into a comic one day, and I try to keep a promise when I make it! So that’s… Basically this? It’s a comic about my friends, and our misadventures, because they deserve to be immortalized for putting up with me for so long!

The 4th Wallking Dead.

Do you like Robert Kirkman’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead? Well, I was (am) obsessed with it, so I made this comic making fun of the different versions of it (Seriously, there’s a comic, TV show, books, games, and even more.) ‘Nuff said.

Space Jerks.

They’re jerks, they’re in space. Join Mike, and Dave as they piss off people throughout the universe!
I almost never draw comics for these guys since I started, but that’s gonna change eventually.

Filler nonsense.  (I’m still working on reorganizing.)

So, if you like what ya see stick around, and check out how this place grows. Hopefully it’ll be something worth your time! Comics, Short stories, and horrible diarrhea await you! Wait, not that last one.

-RedheadRob (Supreme Overlooker, Fetishist, & Dungeon Master.)

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