Beer Review: Sweetwater Hatchery Series Black Lager.

Now this is gonna be interesting. A Sweetwater brew that isn’t an IPA. It’s a coffee lager which is interesting. I’m excited to try this, so let’s skip the preamble and get right into the part where I drink, and talk about it!

Commercial Description:  This black magic might look big, but it is not, This 5% abv lager is actually light and crisp.

They really under sell this with a minimal description. After spending so much time on IPA beers lately to come to a lager, let alone a coffee flavored one?! This is welcome change for me. Malty, and coffee flavored, I’m getting chocolate flavors, it’s a bit nutty too. This would be a good breakfast beer. I’m not sure what the hatchery series is, but if they’re anything like what I’m tasting here, I need to try every single damn one of these. Black Lager is a dark beer with a nice light head, a good aroma, and an out of this world taste. It reminds me of a stout beer from Arbor Brewing Company in Michigan (expresso love), but it is way less heavy, and has a more chocolatey taste. This beer has instantly been put in my top 20 beers. As someone from a place where snow falls heavy, and you want a heavy beer to match it, this is the kinda beer you would want. It has one added benefit that the beers I’m used to like this don’t have, being a lager. It has more drinkability, because you will feel less full off these when compared to a heavy stout, which allows you to drink more.

Damn that beer was delicious, I wanted to chug it, I wanted to savor it. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. I really cannot stress this enough. Try this. Seriously. There are more similar things up north, but down in Georgia this is a rare gem, and should be cherished as such.

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