What’s Been Going Down.

So, you may have noticed I haven’t been updating the site lately, and may even be wondering why that is! The short answer is… Life. It has a way of getting in the way. That, and my power was knocked out for like a week. Let’s get more in depth.

I’ve been at a new job, and looking for a new place to live, which has been draining, and taking time away from things I’d like to do until I figure out how to adjust my schedule. I’d like to say drawing is a priority to me, and it is, but not for the comic specifically. I really use drawing as a way to de-stress, and keep my mind occupied. I’ve had some family issues getting in the way as well, but that’s not really important to discuss here.

I want to get back to putting more stuff up here as soon as possible, and I will try to make that happen ASAP. Until then I’ll just be posting whatever I can, when I can. Which means one thing at least, probably gonna have some better than normal (artistically speaking) stuff up here. I might even just update what’s going on in my life in some more posts. Who knows?

Until next time!


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