Beer Review: Sweet Water Brewing Company “Goin’ Coastal.”

For a guy who isn’t into IPA beers too much I sure did pick the wrong place to move! There are a ton of IPA beers down here in Georgia! On the plus side moving gave me a chance to grow as a person, and learn to appreciate things that I normally wouldn’t. One thing I appreciate is Goin’ Coastal from Sweetwater brewing co. It’s an IPA brewed with pineapple, and it’s pretty good!

Commercial Description: Slip into some sunshine and step off the grid by Goin’ Coastal with this pineapple laced IPA. The bright aromas of the five citrus hop additions are accentuated by the tropical fruit of the pineapple. And just like those three day weekends, its finish is quick. Golden copper in color with a full malt bill to bring the balance to our year round offering.

It’s one of those beers where I feel the commercial description hits the nail on the head. Fruity scent, nice pineapple taste, and oddly enough it’s labor day weekend while I write this (although I don’t have a three day weekend, many people do during this time.) The citrus/pineapple taste improves the normal bitterness I find in IPA beers, and at 6.1% ABV it’s pretty solid for a good buzz. Now Goin’ Coastal is really not a beer you wanna chug a few in a row, unless your plan is to get messy/schwifty/drunk, but it is a good one to start off a night of drinking with, and then switch to a lighter beer after a couple of these.

So this is another IPA that I personally suggest to people who don’t ordinarily like IPAs. Obviously don’t get it if you’re not a fan of pineapple, but this beer surprised me and I would be glad to find this both cold, and in my hand again at some point in the future. The fruity flavors, and the light bitterness make it an interesting experience, even moreso because it still has a pretty strong initial bite. Pick it up if you get the chance.

I’ll be reviewing a couple more Sweetwater Brewing beers coming down the pipeline soon (Yes, I got another variety pack.) So stay tuned for more of those.

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