Red Hare Brewing: Cotton Tail Orange Creamsic-ale.

Now this is an interesting beer! Certainly not for everyone, but I am equally certain that it’s something that any beer drinker should give a try.  A pale ale brewed with orange and vanilla flavor, this one stands out as one of the most unique beers I’ve ever tried.

Commercial Description: Orange flavors mirror the citrus notes of Zythos hops, while smooth sweet vanilla beans compliment their slight bitterness. Tastes just like a cold orange creamsicle on a hot day!

The description nails this. It seriously tastes like an orange creamsicle, and a pale ale did the fusion dance. Normally when I want that creamsicle flavor I just mix spiced rum, and orange soda together. Back to the point! Orange Creamsic-ale is 5.5% ABV, and at its core has a lot in common with the Cotton Tail Pale ale. The flavor stands out far more than the regular pale ale, and honestly tastes more like a soda then a beer in my opinion. In consideration of what I have mentioned so far, I cannot suggest this beer for your average beer drinker, it’s just too different. Regular beer fans, this is not for, it smells, and tastes sweet, kicks to a pale ale, and then back to sweet on the finish. It’s kinda all over the place. I like this beer, but it’s definitely not the kinda thing that I could see many people drinking more than one of. It’s a beer probably best had with dessert.

So I’ve kinda spilled the vanilla beans about this one already above, but to lay the point in clear. This is a good beer, but it is not an ideal beer. If you’re looking for something new, or something that stands out, this will be something you want to try. If you’re looking for a beer after a day at work, I truly can’t say this is what you should get. All that being said, I was glad to try this and I could see myself picking this up again should the mood strike me for a dessert beer.

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