Movie Review: Little Evil

Little Evil is the newest Netflix film out, starring Adam Scott as the new step-dad to a child who might be the antichrist? It’s a dark comedy that starts off a little slow, but it gets pretty entertaining at points, which doesn’t sound like rave reviewing, but honestly I think it is worth the watch.

So what do you do when you think  your new stepson is the antichrist? Well if you’re real-estate agent Gary Bloom (Adam Scott) you spend a majority of the film trying to bond with the child one minute, and talking about how you might have to kill the kid with your co-worker Al (Bridget Everett)  the next. The plot itself doesn’t really seem to be the focus as they spend a lot of time building the characters, more than the setting, or story. It’s a pretty average film, that seems like it doesn’t exactly know what it’s going for. The plot sometimes feels sped along, and then sometimes it crawls. Humor is hit or miss. The wife in the film Samantha (neon genesis Evangeline Lilly) at moments seems to be totally oblivious, and I’m not really sure what the message of the film is.

Overall the actors did good, and the film was well shot. The cinematography gives off a shaun of the dead vibe at times, which really helps. Soundtrack is enjoyable, and I enjoyed the secondary character comedy antics. I just can’t help but feel like this is almost a pilot episode. There are a lot of good ideas, and interesting concepts waiting to be used, but since they don’t fit in with the plot of the movie, they aren’t getting any more development. If I had to pick what this film is about, I’d say it’s the struggles of being introduced as the stepfather, and integrating into that new dynamic.

So yeah. Pretty average flick, but I’ve seen far worse. The film is mostly good, but there are missteps, and off moments that punctuate the film. I would enjoy seeing Netflix make a 12 episode season of this to flesh it out a little more. There is a lot of potential in this, and I just feel like it’s not reaching the peak in the film alone. It’s on Netflix now so go check it out if you’re into darker comedy movies.

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