Beer Review: Gangway IPA

Straight outta Red Hare Brewing in Marietta GA is Gangway IPA. It’s a citrus flavored IPA. Y’all already know I’m not a fan of IPA beers, but this one is pretty interesting. Does it stand up to my lackadaisical reviewing? Let’s find out!

Commercial Description: Gangway IPA is crisp, unfiltered, and golden in color and slightly sweet; hopped with Willamette, Chinook, Cascade and dry hopped with Falconers Flight.

What’s the deal with this beer? 6.5% ABV which I like, but it has a bitter/rough bite for my taste. So what is it about this beer that I enjoy when so many IPA beers before it have fallen to the wayside?  It’s just got a good blend of flavors, and that is impressive. I don’t normally enjoy using this word to describe things like beer, but this one is complex.  As I’ve mentioned it is a bitter beer, but it goes down surprisingly smooth. With a light odor, and a nice pine aftertaste, Gangway IPA is the kinda beer that might not find an easy audience, IPA fans might find it too different, and people who don’t like IPAs might not even pick this one up! If I weren’t the kinda person who likes to try new beers, I don’t think I would have gotten this, and that would have deprived me of a solid beer.

So at the end of the day, I found an IPA that I don’t mind, but it is still an IPA. Do I suggest picking it up? Absolutely! I think it’s a solid choice, and worthy of any IPA lovers line-up. I will certainly be checking out more of Red Hare Brewing Company after trying this, and if I’m ever in the mood for an IPA I know I’ll be grabbing this.

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