Quick Thoughts: On Game of Thrones Season 2

Season 2 down, and now I’m starting to genuinely get curious. Curious about why those baby dragons are so ADORABLE!!! Seriously why do I find them so cute? Anyway, welcome to another edition of quick thoughts! Obviously I’m gonna be talking about Game of Thrones Season 2, and as with last season’s post, there will be spoilers, and you probably already saw the show so that shouldn’t matter. Let’s get right to it!

Why isn’t Joffrey dead yet? Continuing to be one hell of an actor because I hate him more, and more every time I see him. I will drink to celebrate the day he is no longer a cast member on the show. He’s like the anti-Glenn, because I’m wishing a guy with a barbed wire bat would bash his brains in!

Brace yourself, Lucille is coming.

I know he dies, but not what season, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for season 3 ending up with that little shit being poisoned to death. The idea of him dying slow enough to realize it fills me with a joy that is only held for fictional villains getting what they deserve, right up there with Professor Umbridge getting beaten to near death by centaurs.

In a less than unexpected twist it seems like everybody is challenging the little prick king’s right to rule, and that plot point has actually made the show more interesting to me. The more people who wanna kill Joffrey, the better. The Stark family being led by Robb (cool name guy) has the most going on, what with the kingslayer, and the giant woman escorting him.

Did someone say giant woman?!

I’m hoping to see much of that fall apart for House Stark in the next season, because who wants to see good people win? I know I sure as shit don’t! Speaking of the Stark family tree, let’s check up with our old pal Jon Snow! He’s… being an idiot still… Shoulda just killed the ginger, I’m sure that will play out to his favor later, but for now it seems like a mistake on his part. Meanwhile everyone’s favorite portly character since Silent Bob (I’m talking about Sam,) has run into a bit of trouble in the final scene of season 2 and finds himself surrounded by extras from The Walking Dead! Damn AMC, first Kirkman leaves you, now the zombies are leaving too? So I’m assuming these folk leading the undead must be the white walkers, I guess I’ll learn more about them in season 3. Moving on!

Khaleesi is in the desert… That’s about all that happened with her. I mean sure she ran into that one desert trader town that’s in every other final fantasy game, but that place is always full of danger and tricky people, so she probably won’t go in the- Okay, she’s going in there. It plays out exactly how you expect. They trick her, try to take the baby dragons, and she kills them to death.  Other than that, I didn’t really care about what else was happening. Arya is on the run, and I hope that gets more interesting in season 3. Tyrion Lannister is no longer an appendage of the king, so who knows where his story is headed. Winterfell went and fell, I’m sure the Stark family will take it back, no big deal. Here’s hoping that Theon Greyjoy gets a nice kick in the twat what he did.

People I’m Okay With

Robb Stark
Arya Stark
Khaleesi and the dragons 3
Tyrion Lannister
Oddly enough. The Kingslayer Jaime Lannister

People I wanna see dead.

Every Lannister that isn’t Tyrion, and Jaime
Sansa Stark
Catelyn Stark
Petyr Baelish.

After that I just don’t give enough of a shit about the rest of the cast to care. Season 2 did a good job of building off the first one, and raising the stakes for most of the people involved. There was a cool green explosion, and some more nudity, but most importantly season 2 ends in a way that leaves you hanging, but doesn’t leave you feeling as though nothing got done all season. I’ll post my thoughts on season 3 once I get through it, but for now this is the parting of the ways.

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