Beer Review: Sweetwater Brewing “Blue.”


It’s time for another beer review! Out of Atlanta Georgia comes Sweetwater brewing company, and the current apple (or blueberry in this case) of my eye. A pretty deep, but minimalistic titled beer; Blue. Simple name for a surprisingly complex beer. Sweetwater brewing company’s Blue is a blueberry wheat ale that comes across at first as your normal, everyday wheat ale, but finishes with it’s own style.

Commercial Description: A unique light bodied wheat ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberries! The euphoric experience begins with an appealing blueberry aroma – take a good whiff and you’ll know. The taste is extremely subtle and finishes extra clean. This ain’t no fruit beer, but it is our breakfast beer, and so delicious with pancakes!


It’s light bodied, and goes down like a standard wheat ale, but once the aftertaste hits that is where the blueberry hits you, and it hits you square in the jaw! The beer can really trick you, and personally, that is what I’m down with. The aroma is very blueberry, if you’ll forgive my rhyme. Wheat ale beers normally leave me feeling a little dry in the palette, but with Blue I feel impressed, and refreshed. It’s the kinda beer I could easily have more than one of with little deliberation, which works out, because it only comes in at a 4.6% ABV (although I’ve seen online that it clocks in at 4.9% so it might just be the current brew I’m drinking.) It’s certainly a beer that was accurately described by its commercial description, gotta give some extra credit for honesty!


Overall this was a solid beer, and I could see myself buying this one again, granted the price was a bit steep (It was $12 USD for a six-pack where I picked it up.) it’s still a totally worthy addition to anyone’s night. Pick it up if you get the chance, it gets my recommendation for sure.


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