That Hollow Feeling.

So just because I wanna keep it short and sweet, well not that sweet, perhaps even just a little sour.

I’ve been down in the dumps a little since I moved. (Oh I moved btw, if you didn’t know) Since I’ve been so busy trying to get my life together I haven’t had time to do what I need to here. Now I’m thinking I need to do something on the site to fix that, because I haven’t been keeping a story going, or doing anything site related beyond doodling for the sake of keeping content coming. I’m gonna be doing some more comic based stuff shortly here, and I’ve been thinking about extra stuff to put up on the site, but I can’t imagine what yet.

I just wanted to have a post up so people might understand what’s up with the nonsense going on lately that is totally not the usual format around here for anyone who wasn’t in the know.

Anyway, Ramble over.


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