The Only Constant.

Change. It can rock your world, and it can be a promise every presidential candidate ever has made. Let’s talk about what’s changing in my life real quick.

First off, you might have noticed we have started a new story, and the world is again seeped in plot. I’ll explain what happened in “canon” later in the story, but I’m poking fun at the “New 52,” and “All new, all different Marvel,” stuff this time around. Should be fun.

Today I changed to a wintery background… Yup.

I’m working day shift in my regular Hu-mon job now, so I’ll have more time to interact with my friends instead of just drawing them on misadventures.  Being on day shift also means more time to draw, and less time to irreparably damage my liver, which is technically a good thing. We’ll see how this goes, but in the meantime shit is expected to continue as normal around here.

Well, as normal as it gets around here. Anyway, I got a video idea that I need to start work on, and pages to draw.  I hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!



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