Animated Escapades! My thoughts on Star Trek: The Animated Series.

So, check this out. What if I told you that you could get the full Star Trek experience, in half the time while simultaneously finishing out two more seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, thus giving us 5 years of missions. Deal with it. Obligation fulfilled, that’s how you do it, Roddenberry!

                                                                                          He really did it.

So as far as the animated series goes, I’d say it’s hit or miss. They have the cast of the original doing the voices, and they have alien crewmen that they couldn’t have done in the live action series. The plot is more focused, and it really gives off the Star Trek  vibe, and experience. There are a few lame things about it. I think because it’s short, the plots can feel a little rushed if you’re used to the full hour of trek, and if you’re not down with cheesy animation, you better ask yourself how much you like Star Trek before you watch this.

There are obviously people who debate the canon of this series, because as it has recently been mentioned on this site, “Nerds need a solid canon…”

I’m not one to argue this kinda shit unless I’m drunk with Ben. SO! I’ll just drop this link, and let you decide for yourself, like the responsible individual you are. Alright, we’re done. I’ve done every star trek, except the original, and TNG. The ones everyone knows the most about, so what’s the point in doing that?

… Okay I’m doing that.

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