Stah Treg Voyaging: Front 2 Back.

I recently finished Star Trek Voyager, if you’re unfortunate enough to follow me on the twitters you already know this. I figured since I wrote words together into sentences for Deep Space Nine, I may as well give Voyager a similar treatment.

Star Trek: Voyager is pretty cut and dry. Captain Janeway is out on the prowl, and hungry like the Worf to capture the Maquis, a terrorist cell of defectors from the Federation. During a scuffle between the two, Voyager, and a Maquis starship are flung to the opposite side of all existence, about 70 years from home at top speed with no stops. So the two become one, the Maquis rejoin the Federation, and set space sails toward home. All that being said, it’s been forever since this show got off the air, but I still won’t spoil it. Maybe the make it home, maybe they find Eden hidden among the systems of the delta quadrant. Watch it if you want to know.

The show started off wobbly with me, but got better as time went on until the last season, which occasionally feels like the show is limping to the finish line. It was occasionally bogged down with the sometimes charming, sometimes most awful character ever Neelix; Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe. Overall it’s worth the watch. If you’re like me, and avoided watching the two TNG Spin-off series, these are worth going back for.

Sneak preview for the next Trek post? Enterprise sucks so far.


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