6 Days.

Alright, I know. I’m beating a dead horse, but it’s my dead horse to beat, and I am gonna beat it for 5 more days apparently… This is starting to sound perverse. I took a shot at drawing Maggie Rhee this time, and I think it turned out okay! If you didn’t notice The Walking Dead is returning Feb. 12th,  9/8c and I am super fucking excited to see the gang back in action against the Fire Natio-uhh… Negan and his Saviors!


Also, I didn’t post this on here earlier because I suck eggs when it comes to drawing anime style, and hands. Anyway, I recently got Overwatch, and another favorite show of mine is Dragon Ball (Z, Super, Not GT) So of course this happened.


While I am on the subject, how about that new Dragon Ball Super intro? Bringing the hype back, and they’re fighting atop a gigantic top! Wordplay! Check it!

Alright, that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!



One Week

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with The Walking Dead. I’m so damn hyped for the show’s return in one week that I have been drawing more than normal to try, and keep my mind occupied. If only I was this dedicated to drawing normally! Maybe one day I will be.

Feb 12th TWD.png

Anyway, there ya go Kirkman, more free promotion for your amazing series that doesn’t need my help to promote it.

The Walking Dead Returns Sunday, February 12 9/8c


Learning Curve.

As more people have come through the site in the past few months, I’ve gotten legitimate criticism! Like most people my immediate reaction to it was to blame everyone else, which somehow always leads to it being *President of your choice here*‘s fault. After I got my head outta my ass, I got to work.

So, I’m working on making pages for the individual comics, and in the meantime, I added a nifty little piece at the top of the site that says “New? Start here!” Not only does it give a much more coherent, and less wrote while drunk introduction, it has links to the archive pages of specific stories! It’s not perfect, but it works, also some of the pages are a little weird until you click them, and go directly to the image, I gotta fix that…

Anyway, I’m always looking for new ways to improve the site, and the comic, so lemme know if you have any ideas that are painfully obvious to you, that I’m too stupid, oblivious, or amateurish to see!



2017: The Text Generation.

Everybody else feeling that unadulterated rage society seems to be in the last week? Something about most of us going back into work, being hungover, and broke seems to piss a lot of people off. Ain’t that just like the holiday season you always hear about?


I am no exception.

Welcome back, here there be robots! It’s time to get back to everybody’s favorite form of escapism, and apparently we’re not just implying, but outright stating that it’s mine. I’m managing to keep ahead of the schedule, and managing to **GASP** LEARN!   I just realized I’ve never been able to get a decent look out of a pair of binoculars because I wear glasses… DAMMIT!

So italic, right? So suave.

Anyway, enough distractions. I’m kinda getting better at this? I’ve been hitting the books, specifically the ones about art, and also maybe a For Dummies book or two. I finally got Skyrim last month, and I’m already burnt out on playing it… for now!!! I’ve been thinking about those old ass Walking Dead comics I used to do a lot lately, maybe I’ll do some more of those after I finish this thing I’m doing now.

Let’s sum it up, because I can ramble with the best of ’em.

  • Welcome Back.
  • Robots!
  • Holiday time is done, but people are still acting butthurt.
  • italics = suave.
  • Escapism.
  • Been hittin’ the art books.

Alright, new comic will be up soon, later tater!