Life, things, and additional endeavors

Here’s the thing…

I have no excuse beyond lazy behavior, and holiday overtime for not drawing. I am settled into my new living situation, finally started watching Stranger Things, and I’ve been exploring the new area I live in. Pokemon Go has the generation 3 in it, so that’s a distraction. I think after Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out, I’ll be back into comic drawing again. Nothing else will be going on in the world that can distract me enough to hold up drawing after that.

Also I still plan on getting into making more shirts for some odd reason, so look out for that eventually.

Okay, I’ve got Dan Harmon podcasts to listen to, and dinner to make.




What’s Been Going Down.

So, you may have noticed I haven’t been updating the site lately, and may even be wondering why that is! The short answer is… Life. It has a way of getting in the way. That, and my power was knocked out for like a week. Let’s get more in depth.

I’ve been at a new job, and looking for a new place to live, which has been draining, and taking time away from things I’d like to do until I figure out how to adjust my schedule. I’d like to say drawing is a priority to me, and it is, but not for the comic specifically. I really use drawing as a way to de-stress, and keep my mind occupied. I’ve had some family issues getting in the way as well, but that’s not really important to discuss here.

I want to get back to putting more stuff up here as soon as possible, and I will try to make that happen ASAP. Until then I’ll just be posting whatever I can, when I can. Which means one thing at least, probably gonna have some better than normal (artistically speaking) stuff up here. I might even just update what’s going on in my life in some more posts. Who knows?

Until next time!



Beer Review: Sweet Water Brewing Company “Goin’ Coastal.”

For a guy who isn’t into IPA beers too much I sure did pick the wrong place to move! There are a ton of IPA beers down here in Georgia! On the plus side moving gave me a chance to grow as a person, and learn to appreciate things that I normally wouldn’t. One thing I appreciate is Goin’ Coastal from Sweetwater brewing co. It’s an IPA brewed with pineapple, and it’s pretty good!

Commercial Description: Slip into some sunshine and step off the grid by Goin’ Coastal with this pineapple laced IPA. The bright aromas of the five citrus hop additions are accentuated by the tropical fruit of the pineapple. And just like those three day weekends, its finish is quick. Golden copper in color with a full malt bill to bring the balance to our year round offering.

It’s one of those beers where I feel the commercial description hits the nail on the head. Fruity scent, nice pineapple taste, and oddly enough it’s labor day weekend while I write this (although I don’t have a three day weekend, many people do during this time.) The citrus/pineapple taste improves the normal bitterness I find in IPA beers, and at 6.1% ABV it’s pretty solid for a good buzz. Now Goin’ Coastal is really not a beer you wanna chug a few in a row, unless your plan is to get messy/schwifty/drunk, but it is a good one to start off a night of drinking with, and then switch to a lighter beer after a couple of these.

So this is another IPA that I personally suggest to people who don’t ordinarily like IPAs. Obviously don’t get it if you’re not a fan of pineapple, but this beer surprised me and I would be glad to find this both cold, and in my hand again at some point in the future. The fruity flavors, and the light bitterness make it an interesting experience, even moreso because it still has a pretty strong initial bite. Pick it up if you get the chance.

I’ll be reviewing a couple more Sweetwater Brewing beers coming down the pipeline soon (Yes, I got another variety pack.) So stay tuned for more of those.


Red Hare Brewing: Cotton Tail Orange Creamsic-ale.

Now this is an interesting beer! Certainly not for everyone, but I am equally certain that it’s something that any beer drinker should give a try.  A pale ale brewed with orange and vanilla flavor, this one stands out as one of the most unique beers I’ve ever tried.

Commercial Description: Orange flavors mirror the citrus notes of Zythos hops, while smooth sweet vanilla beans compliment their slight bitterness. Tastes just like a cold orange creamsicle on a hot day!

The description nails this. It seriously tastes like an orange creamsicle, and a pale ale did the fusion dance. Normally when I want that creamsicle flavor I just mix spiced rum, and orange soda together. Back to the point! Orange Creamsic-ale is 5.5% ABV, and at its core has a lot in common with the Cotton Tail Pale ale. The flavor stands out far more than the regular pale ale, and honestly tastes more like a soda then a beer in my opinion. In consideration of what I have mentioned so far, I cannot suggest this beer for your average beer drinker, it’s just too different. Regular beer fans, this is not for, it smells, and tastes sweet, kicks to a pale ale, and then back to sweet on the finish. It’s kinda all over the place. I like this beer, but it’s definitely not the kinda thing that I could see many people drinking more than one of. It’s a beer probably best had with dessert.

So I’ve kinda spilled the vanilla beans about this one already above, but to lay the point in clear. This is a good beer, but it is not an ideal beer. If you’re looking for something new, or something that stands out, this will be something you want to try. If you’re looking for a beer after a day at work, I truly can’t say this is what you should get. All that being said, I was glad to try this and I could see myself picking this up again should the mood strike me for a dessert beer.


Beer Review: Cotton Tail Pale Ale.

Can you tell that I got a Variety pack of Red Hare Brewing beers yet? Today’s venture into the unknown is Cotton Tail Pale Ale! Pale ales are an odd bunch for me. I’m never sure where I stand on most of them, but with this one I think I have an answer.

Commercial Description: Zythos hops scent this ale with a refreshing citrusy aroma which translates into floral, orange notes on the tongue. A sweet malty backbone balances the slight bitterness of the hop profile making this a refreshing brew with a clean finish- the perfect companion for any activity!

Now I wouldn’t say I found a citrus aroma in this beer, if anything I’d say it’s got a light caramel scent. It did leave an orange taste, and some bitterness. They claim this beer is balanced, and I don’t think I agree with that. I think it’s way more orange flavored than they give it credit for, and if the beer were heavier you might mistake it for Blue Moon, and that’s not a bad thing. I could see this being another beer that goes well with pretty much any activity at 5.5% ABV you don’t have to worry very much about getting too tipsy with it. Leaves a good refreshing aftertaste, and overall is a solid beer.

So yeah, I would suggest Cottontail Pale Ale, but if you’re not a kinda person who likes orange flavoring in your beer then stay away from this one. It’s a good time of year for this kinda beer, as the seasons change toward fall you might want a heavier beer, but this is a good final hurrah beer for the summer time.


Movie Review: Little Evil

Little Evil is the newest Netflix film out, starring Adam Scott as the new step-dad to a child who might be the antichrist? It’s a dark comedy that starts off a little slow, but it gets pretty entertaining at points, which doesn’t sound like rave reviewing, but honestly I think it is worth the watch.

So what do you do when you think  your new stepson is the antichrist? Well if you’re real-estate agent Gary Bloom (Adam Scott) you spend a majority of the film trying to bond with the child one minute, and talking about how you might have to kill the kid with your co-worker Al (Bridget Everett)  the next. The plot itself doesn’t really seem to be the focus as they spend a lot of time building the characters, more than the setting, or story. It’s a pretty average film, that seems like it doesn’t exactly know what it’s going for. The plot sometimes feels sped along, and then sometimes it crawls. Humor is hit or miss. The wife in the film Samantha (neon genesis Evangeline Lilly) at moments seems to be totally oblivious, and I’m not really sure what the message of the film is.

Overall the actors did good, and the film was well shot. The cinematography gives off a shaun of the dead vibe at times, which really helps. Soundtrack is enjoyable, and I enjoyed the secondary character comedy antics. I just can’t help but feel like this is almost a pilot episode. There are a lot of good ideas, and interesting concepts waiting to be used, but since they don’t fit in with the plot of the movie, they aren’t getting any more development. If I had to pick what this film is about, I’d say it’s the struggles of being introduced as the stepfather, and integrating into that new dynamic.

So yeah. Pretty average flick, but I’ve seen far worse. The film is mostly good, but there are missteps, and off moments that punctuate the film. I would enjoy seeing Netflix make a 12 episode season of this to flesh it out a little more. There is a lot of potential in this, and I just feel like it’s not reaching the peak in the film alone. It’s on Netflix now so go check it out if you’re into darker comedy movies.


Beer Review: Gem City Classic

A light lager beer that’s also a craft brew? What the hell is this nonsense?! It’s another Red Hare Brewing company beer, and although it’s a light lager, it isn’t ordinary! Does it hold up against the big league beers? Let’s find out!

Commercial Description: Gem City Classic is a craft light lager brewed to drink easy and finish clean. Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Citra hops complement the crisp quality of the beer with fragrant aromas but no overpowering bitterness. At 4.2% ABV and just 140 calories per can, Gem City Classic is the perfect beer to throw back while watching the game.

The halcyon days of youth when beer pong was my main sport of choice, and any beer would do to get the job done, that is what Gem City Classic reminds me of. Good times, old friends, and a good light beer to get you to the drunk point you want to be at. It’s got a classic taste that reminds you of the big names like Bud, or Coors light, but it goes down smoother, and tastes more full flavored when compared to the average light beers. It’s only 4.2% so you can drink this one steadily throughout the evening, coupled with the better flavor compared to standard beers this one is a real winner.

I definitely suggest you try this beer. It’s not the usual kinda craft beer you would see me review, but it’s worth getting. Pick it up if you see it, and give it a whirl.


Beer Review: Gangway IPA

Straight outta Red Hare Brewing in Marietta GA is Gangway IPA. It’s a citrus flavored IPA. Y’all already know I’m not a fan of IPA beers, but this one is pretty interesting. Does it stand up to my lackadaisical reviewing? Let’s find out!

Commercial Description: Gangway IPA is crisp, unfiltered, and golden in color and slightly sweet; hopped with Willamette, Chinook, Cascade and dry hopped with Falconers Flight.

What’s the deal with this beer? 6.5% ABV which I like, but it has a bitter/rough bite for my taste. So what is it about this beer that I enjoy when so many IPA beers before it have fallen to the wayside?  It’s just got a good blend of flavors, and that is impressive. I don’t normally enjoy using this word to describe things like beer, but this one is complex.  As I’ve mentioned it is a bitter beer, but it goes down surprisingly smooth. With a light odor, and a nice pine aftertaste, Gangway IPA is the kinda beer that might not find an easy audience, IPA fans might find it too different, and people who don’t like IPAs might not even pick this one up! If I weren’t the kinda person who likes to try new beers, I don’t think I would have gotten this, and that would have deprived me of a solid beer.

So at the end of the day, I found an IPA that I don’t mind, but it is still an IPA. Do I suggest picking it up? Absolutely! I think it’s a solid choice, and worthy of any IPA lovers line-up. I will certainly be checking out more of Red Hare Brewing Company after trying this, and if I’m ever in the mood for an IPA I know I’ll be grabbing this.


Quick Thoughts: On Game of Thrones Season 2

Season 2 down, and now I’m starting to genuinely get curious. Curious about why those baby dragons are so ADORABLE!!! Seriously why do I find them so cute? Anyway, welcome to another edition of quick thoughts! Obviously I’m gonna be talking about Game of Thrones Season 2, and as with last season’s post, there will be spoilers, and you probably already saw the show so that shouldn’t matter. Let’s get right to it!

Why isn’t Joffrey dead yet? Continuing to be one hell of an actor because I hate him more, and more every time I see him. I will drink to celebrate the day he is no longer a cast member on the show. He’s like the anti-Glenn, because I’m wishing a guy with a barbed wire bat would bash his brains in!

Brace yourself, Lucille is coming.

I know he dies, but not what season, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for season 3 ending up with that little shit being poisoned to death. The idea of him dying slow enough to realize it fills me with a joy that is only held for fictional villains getting what they deserve, right up there with Professor Umbridge getting beaten to near death by centaurs.

In a less than unexpected twist it seems like everybody is challenging the little prick king’s right to rule, and that plot point has actually made the show more interesting to me. The more people who wanna kill Joffrey, the better. The Stark family being led by Robb (cool name guy) has the most going on, what with the kingslayer, and the giant woman escorting him.

Did someone say giant woman?!

I’m hoping to see much of that fall apart for House Stark in the next season, because who wants to see good people win? I know I sure as shit don’t! Speaking of the Stark family tree, let’s check up with our old pal Jon Snow! He’s… being an idiot still… Shoulda just killed the ginger, I’m sure that will play out to his favor later, but for now it seems like a mistake on his part. Meanwhile everyone’s favorite portly character since Silent Bob (I’m talking about Sam,) has run into a bit of trouble in the final scene of season 2 and finds himself surrounded by extras from The Walking Dead! Damn AMC, first Kirkman leaves you, now the zombies are leaving too? So I’m assuming these folk leading the undead must be the white walkers, I guess I’ll learn more about them in season 3. Moving on!

Khaleesi is in the desert… That’s about all that happened with her. I mean sure she ran into that one desert trader town that’s in every other final fantasy game, but that place is always full of danger and tricky people, so she probably won’t go in the- Okay, she’s going in there. It plays out exactly how you expect. They trick her, try to take the baby dragons, and she kills them to death.  Other than that, I didn’t really care about what else was happening. Arya is on the run, and I hope that gets more interesting in season 3. Tyrion Lannister is no longer an appendage of the king, so who knows where his story is headed. Winterfell went and fell, I’m sure the Stark family will take it back, no big deal. Here’s hoping that Theon Greyjoy gets a nice kick in the twat what he did.

People I’m Okay With

Robb Stark
Arya Stark
Khaleesi and the dragons 3
Tyrion Lannister
Oddly enough. The Kingslayer Jaime Lannister

People I wanna see dead.

Every Lannister that isn’t Tyrion, and Jaime
Sansa Stark
Catelyn Stark
Petyr Baelish.

After that I just don’t give enough of a shit about the rest of the cast to care. Season 2 did a good job of building off the first one, and raising the stakes for most of the people involved. There was a cool green explosion, and some more nudity, but most importantly season 2 ends in a way that leaves you hanging, but doesn’t leave you feeling as though nothing got done all season. I’ll post my thoughts on season 3 once I get through it, but for now this is the parting of the ways.